In The Still Ministries is founded on prayer and worship. The core of everything we do is constant prayer rooted in the presence of the Creator. To learn how you can be part of that vision, visit our Patreon page.

We are:

  • A community where John 10 comes alive in unity;
  • A community where people can come and hear his voice in unity;
  • A community where people can come to a familiar home in unity;
  • A community where needs are seen and taken care of in unity;
  • A community that cultivates revival in unity;
  • A community where Jesus is free to be the Healer;
  • A safe haven.

It all began with Andrew and R.F. deciding to get together to play some music. They connected quickly and began developing a sound built around Andrew’s mellow guitar and R.F.’s smooth trumpet. As In The Still the band began to form, it was only natural for more to spring up around it.

The Band

The band is a meditative post-rock group with Andrew on guitar, R.F. on trumpet and keys, and Fawn on flute and dulcimer. Our unusual instrumentation lends itself to a unique, meditative sound that still retains strong melodic sensibilities. We have disparate musical backgrounds and influences including heavy metal, jazz, folk, and classical and all of it finds expression in our songs. You can listen to a demo of our song “My Child” right here.

These songs are part of an EP titled, I Wait for You. You can help bring the full EP into existence for as little as $1/month by joining our Patreon team.

The Prayer Community

We do much more than just make music at In The Still. Our prayer community has the ambitious goal of creating groups engaged in constant prayer around the world. We are currently launching in Appomattox and Lynchburg Virginia by visiting homes and churches to host transformative, encounter-driven prayer meetings. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting one – no matter where you are!