Big Weekend!

We’ve got an amazing weekend coming up for In the Still with two shows back to back!

On Friday (April 7) we’ll be at TNT again, hosted by Mosaic Church, at 7 PM. We had a great time last month and got to see some awesome groups! Including some students from the school where I assist in the band program – who knew?? We’ll probably just be playing one song again, maybe two, because we were asked to fill in for a couple of acts who dropped out.

The very next night (April 8) we’ll be live at The White Hart right in the heart (pun intended) of downtown Lynchburg at 7 PM. This is a really special show and it would mean so much to us to see you there. Not only is it our first time playing outside of a church building, we plan to play the entire I Wait for You EP.

Every. Single. Song.

Live, before they’re released. So if you’ve been curious about what In the Still is, what we sound like, or just want to know what the heck I keep going on about, The White Hart is the place you want to be on Saturday at 7 PM. There’s no cover, plus they have great coffee, tea, and other drinks. Seriously, why would you be anywhere else?

Don’t forget, the best way to stay up to date, get our music, and support us as a band and a ministry is to join us on Patreon.

Click here to support us on Patreon.


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