Testimony and Talent Night

Every month, Mosaic Church hosts something called Testimony and Talent Night (TNT). It’s an evening where people can showcase talents and skills of all types and glorify the Father. I’m told they’ve had everything from music, to poetry, to painting, and more.

Well in March, they’re going to have In the Still.

We’re going to be playing one of our songs (show up to find out which one!) on March 3 at TNT. It’s completely free and I’m sure you’ll get a night full of awesome stuff.

TNT is also going to be something of an official launch for In the Still as a band. It will be our first live performance outside of a prayer or worship service and we’ll have a chance for you get some of the music from our upcoming EP I Wait for You.

We hope to see you on March 3!

Testimony and Talent Night starts at 7 PM on March 3

Mosaic Church

The Plaza Shopping Center

2323 Memorial Ave. Suite 19
Lynchburg, VA 24501


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